Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happiness is a Gray Cat and a Few Other Things..

It's the simple little things that make a great day.  What kind of things make you tick, or purr?  Here's my list:

1)  Having Truman in my lap.  Tru is my buddy and he loves to sit in my lap when I am working.   There is nothing better than a warm, purring, content cat, in your lap.

2) A good glass of wine. 
We recently found Barren Ridge, one of many good Virginia vineyards. 

3) A bubble bath on a cold night or after a hard workout.  Put this stuff in there and it will smell even better, not to mention help those aching muscles (see #10):

4) Either starting or just finishing a really good book.  I am reading this one at the moment.

5) Finding a bargain, something that you paid next to nothing for that you would have paid full price for! I bought these in gold at the J Crew Outlet last year for $50.

6) Having dinner with a close friend.  No need to elaborate here. Nothing better than good food and even better company, especially if you have a lot of catching up to do. 

7) Laying down an almost perfect trip at a horse show, in good company.  As I get older, I find this harder to accomplish but what a great feeling to have an almost perfect trip!

8) Watching a good movie on the big screen.   We recently saw "Silver Linings Playbook" and "Lincoln." 

9) Accomplishing something really difficult at work, especially if it was an uphill battle the whole way.  Stay tuned!

10)  A good run, a good swim or a full day's skiing.  We are off on Sunday for a short ski trip.  So I'll have my fill of good skiing, two days in a row!  Can't wait!

 Will be off line for a few days but will catch up again later next week. Au revoir.  Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow!


  1. Re; bath salts, check out Riders Reward [by Epona, I think?]... ahhh fantastic after a long day in a cold barn!

  2. Watching your horse jog sound after weeks of stall rest, haha. I'm also a rainy day and a good book kind of person.


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