Sunday, February 10, 2013

Childhood Memories on a Horse

There is a well-written commentary in this weekend's Wall Street Journal (February 9-10) called "A Horse-Crazy Girl's Separation Vacation" and it got me thinking about those long summer days spent as a child on my horse instructor's run-down farm, where I was allowed to ride for several hours a day.  You find find the article at this link:

Those summer days of my youth were nothing short of nirvana and I remember them well.

(WSJ Photo)

It brought back some wonderful memories of days that were simple and I loved being outdoors 12 hours a day.  Do you have similar memories?  Makes me want to read these books:

Do these photos bring back memories of your youth?  There is nothing more special than a young girl with a horse.  Don't you agree? 

Oh, to relive those days!  Wouldn't it be wonderful?

(photos from Pinterest)

Enjoy your Sunday. Spend your day outside (if you can). 


  1. As a horse crazy kid, the only horse enthusiast in my family, I worked Sat. and Sunday at my instr farm. I eventually got to ride one of the broodmares she had boarding with her, talk about a dream come true.
    I learned alot just watching, and listening while I worked... am so grateful to my instr. for giving me the opportunity.

    1. Me too. I mucked stalls to pay for my pony growing up. Never minded a bit.

  2. My ten year-old daughter is a horse crazy girl. I really enjoy watching her ride. I am a little envious that she is riding at such a young age when you tend to be more fearless. I hope she is a rider for life and doesn't loose the passion when she becomes a teenager.

    I love your blog and enjoy all of the equine information you share!

    1. Thank you for reading and I also hope your daughter keeps the riding up. Many young girls never want to give it up!


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