Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Virginia Fantasy Farm House

What if we could play fantasy, and this house in Virginia could be mine?  But I could decorate it anyway I wanted, money being no obstacle? And I could hire any decorator to do it.  Wouldn't that be fun?  And this house is for sale by the way in case anyone is looking......


So here it goes.........

In my fantasy world, I am going to use multiple top drawer decorators, because I can, and I like so many!  Starting with a powder room (there are several in this house), I like to make a statement.  This one is from Steven Grambrell.  I like keeping the "oldness" in a house, with updates.

I have this wallpaper from Quadrille in my powder room now.  

And this one really brightens a space:

The house must have a library with lots of shelves:

This one is in a farm in Lexington, KY (was in Elle Decor):

The house will have a large formal dining room, to seat at least 12 for large dinner parties.  I like a somewhat traditional room with a bright color.  The turquoise one has too much dark wood but I would change the rug, add some painted or glossy furniture and a great toile fixture.

Here are the bedrooms:

Again, a lot of color like this room that Lindsay Coral Harper did in Charlotte, NC:

Master bath:

I like a modern bath but want to keep the "old" look to it.  Don't make it look too new.


Entrance Hall:

Living Room (Miles Redd):

The house would have a basement den, cozy like this one:

Isn't fantasy fun?  All photos are from my Pinterest page.  Enjoy the day.  Seize a moment and think of someone who is no longer with us!


  1. I love your new house;) This might help your decorating jag in a very small way: http://hingeheads.com/ -- I am not affilated w/them in anyway but they have some sweet equine themed toppers.


    1. Rose, I love it when someone comes up with something that cute that we never knew we needed!

  2. Love all these rooms, Ann.

    I love the white kitchen and the extra large white pendant fixtures.

    The black library with red lamps is from Alessandra Branca's Chicago store she used to have. So handsome. It is clipped on my office bulletin board... under my wishes of what my home office could look like!

    Would be fun to decorate a big old
    farmhouse in VA, wouldn't it?
    Love your style!


    1. I love that room! It is timeless and would work just about anywhere. Thanks for reading!


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