Thursday, May 24, 2018

Devon Horse Show Stories

We all love a good story.  My old trainer's daughter was 12 years old when she made her first trip to the Devon Horse Show in the junior hunters no less.  Her horse was only eight.  She was wait listed and made it in the week before the show.  The horse was tiny, maybe 15'2, with a giant stride and obviously a great brain.  As she posted online earlier today:

12 years ago, a week before the show, 12 year old Kori and 8 year old Coconut Grove made it off the wait list for the Younger Small Junior Hunters at Devon. There were many "Jesus/Coco, the First, take the wheel" moments, but we prevailed and pulled off a victory in the stakes class. To all of those kiddos preparing to ride in the Dixon Oval or Gold Ring, you don't have to have a string of 6 horses or big name to do well. Have a great time and remember all of those who only dream about having that opportunity. And listen to your mom when she advises against wearing a bright pink belt. When you're 24, you'll see the pictures and realize it looks stupid with your shadbelly.

Kori won a class that day and the horse was later sold for a hefty price at the time. Kori still rides and I hope she is an inspiration to those out there who work hard and have big dreams.  Hard work pays off in the end and a little luck never hurts.

I have my own Devon story although it's not as good a story as Kori's. My big chestnut horse had qualified for Devon and my trainer wanted to take him but I had lost my job and money was tight.  I was not interested in dumping the hundreds/thousands of dollars to go to a horse show, especially one that I could not ride in.  But they begged and pleaded and my best friend set me real straight. "How many horses in your lifetime will qualify for Devon?"  She was right.  But I wasn't even planning to go see him go.  But she set me straight there to and so we went.   I got to see him jump around in the mud and I still keep my Devon ribbons in my home office.  It was worth it and my friend was right, I never had a horse qualify for Devon ever again.  Checked that off my bucket list. My lone Devon photo.  Memory lane!


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