Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Reasons to Ride

I had a conversation last night with a group of girl friends (we all ride) about the intrinsic value of horsemanship.  We each chimed in about what we had gained from our relationship over the years with horses. So why would you recommend riding (any discipline) for a young person, an adult, anyone for that matter?

1) Work Ethic
Riding takes a lot of work.  I was up this morning at 5:30 am, mucked four stalls, fed, watered, hayed and rode a horse, was at my desk working by 8:15 am.  This is what I do every single day of the year unless I happen to be on vacation.  There are no "sick days" and whether I like it or not, I do it.

Then there is riding, going to horse shows, cleaning the truck, the trailer, the tack after I ride.  The work never ends. If you are lazy don't get into horses.  There are no short cuts. You have to be dedicated and persistent, regardless of weather, daylight, your own energy level. 

2) Developing a Close Relationship with Animals
If you are lucky enough to own a horse, lease a horse or just ride one regularly then you are familiar with the relationship that can be developed with a horse.  Horses are smart, loyal, want to be treated with respect and care.  They will reward you in priceless ways.

3) Developing Relationships with Other Riders
Some of my best friends I've met through horses.  There's a common bond, an unspoken covenant and it's always fun to be with people who love the things you love to do.  And the horse community rallies around it's own during times of trouble or need.   It's a great way to meet some wonderful people.

4) Keeps You Out of Trouble
If you ride and are really dedicated, you won't have time to do drugs, stay out all night drinking, or get into trouble.  You are far too busy and who wants to mess a good thing up anyway?  When I was young, I worked at a barn several days a week to earn money to pay for my expensive horse habit.  I had no free time to do anything that could or would lead to trouble.  And that situation continues to this day!

There are a lot of good things that can come out of a love for horses! 

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