Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Day After

Wow.  What a weekend of events.  Wish we could restart this one and do it all over again.  So what about that wedding? Did that dress just not knock the ball out of the park?  Meghan will be the new fashion icon for sure.  She'll even give the late Lady Diana a run for her money.  That tiara!  Less is definitely more - she proved that to the world.  And the wedding itself.  The gospel music, the sermon and the guest list. How fabulous was the whole thing? 

I am hoping we'll see her influence in the "less is more" style like this shirt from Talbots, which I love. I have a similar one in white.

And what about the Preakness?  In the fog?  In the mud, again?   And the battle between the two super-talented chestnuts, Good Magic and Justify?  I cannot wait for the Belmont.  Let's hope that Justify can recover again in time for the much longer Belmont Stakes and let's hope that the horse does not have run again the slop. At least we know he can handle it.

(Blood Horse Photo)

Counting the days until the Belmont!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. The wedding was fantastic and I loved her gown and the reception dress too. The stars were definitely in alignment for the wedding day with perfect weather and another great Windsor wedding. A week later I'm still going through withdrawal. As for the Talbot top, I love it too and have it in white and the blue/white stripe. Thanks for the post.


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