Thursday, May 3, 2018

Kentucky Derby Fever

The whole Derby Fever thing has me so excited for Saturday. Cannot wait to watch the big race and there is so much hype this year, and for good reason.  But I also love all of the stories that come out about the Derby, the horses, the connections. It's so much fun to take it all this time of year.
The Bittersweet Story of Seattle Proud
You'll love this story (and it does have a happy ending) but please take the time to read the story here.

This son of Seattle Slew (yes, the one who won the Triple Crown) is living out the rest of his years in retirement now thanks to some really great people who rescued him from slaughter. 

If you have a favorite horse already picked out, you can now buy merchandise related to that horse (if it's one of the favorites).  I love this stuff!  I'd have to buy four or five of these as there are too many to like this year. See more stuff here.

And let's not forget about the fillies.  They run today, 6:12 post time.

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