Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Colt - The Story of Traveller and Other Books About this Famous Horse

There is a cute new book out, for children, about this famous gray horse that lived with Lee after the war, in a stable behind his house on what is now the campus of Washington & Lee University. I understand from a source (but not verified) that the university is not selling this children's book in their bookstore (very sad).  But you can buy it online and support Corporate America instead.

There are a few other books out there about this famous horse, mostly out of print, but certainly worth finding and tracking down.


  1. I read the one by Richard Adams and enjoyed it! But, I think I will get the new one for my collection. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. The book was removed from W&L Bookstore shelves due to concerns raised by a single professor (that it was glorifying the confederacy...which it absolutely did was about A HORSE). After 3 weeks following opposition to the book's removal by others, it was again offered for sale in the campus bookstore.


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