Monday, May 28, 2018

Planning a Summer Dinner Party

Now that summer has arrived, it's time to plan that perfect dinner party. I'm not talking about a cook-out but a sit-down dinner for guests, either on a patio or dining room depending on weather.  I prefer to use my patio when I can but can only seat six, so I select my guests carefully making sure it's a good mix.

(Pomegranate Linens)

If you are a "blue" person then try these placements, also from Pomegranate.

 Add these napkins:

Or these:

Or if you prefer an equestrian theme use these:

Add these placemats:

I love these faux Lemon Cypress Topiaries.  Add them to your table.

I love bamboo flatware and this will go nicely with the dark brown placemats:

Add these goblets to your table to keep the "color" going.

Use these Lilly glasses for cocktails, before dinner:

Or get a good laugh with these:


  1. How lovely....we have people that like to congregate by our pool, but around dusk the mosquitoes make it impossible to stay out. We live on the lake and no matter how much we spray, we can't control it.
    I miss living in Virginia where yes, we had to battle the mosquitoes, but the beauty of the fireflies soooo outweighed that.


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