Thursday, February 14, 2019

Early Spring Picks

I've sworn off shopping for clothes but peaking at the spring fashions makes me yearn for an early spring.  Is it possible? 

The pastels are my favorite and I love this gingham cardigan which also comes in navy blue.

This new Liberty print will sell out quickly. These never grow old.  Love this one to wear year-round.

This Boden Vintage Swing Coat reminds me of the old Kate Spade.  It also comes in yellow.

This fringe jacket from Ann Taylor is very Chanel-like.

Love this tweed coat from Kate Spade.  Also very Chanel-like.  See it here.

And I love this handbag from Tory Burch. I never get tired of her clothing and her handbags!

And I love these classic sneakers from Adidas. We wore these when I was a kid but my they look so much better now.  See them here.

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