Thursday, February 7, 2019

Needlepoint is Old News

I love seeing all this hoopla in the press about Millennials "crafting" and turning the industry "upside down" (see this article in Forbes).  But news flash - some of us have been crafting our entire lives. Needlepoint is just catching up with everyone else!  My Bernina is tucked away in my closet and I pull it out every now and then.  Many moons ago I made many of my clothes, roman shades for my house, sheers, and I have two completed needlepoint rugs (and another one in the works - albeit a very long work in progress).  So what's all this fuss about? I wish I knew.

Maybe needlepoint is shaking off the granny stigma (read here for more about this) so some of us must be grannies?


All I can say, is we grannies have been stitching most of our lives.  Happy Thursday and hope you have time to stitch AND ride.

1 comment:

  1. I had no idea I was a 'granny' in my twenties!! I hope this renewed interest brings back more shops. There were so many needlepoint/cross-stitch/fabric shops in town when we moved here in 1985, today all of them are gone.


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