Saturday, February 23, 2019

Outfit for the Spring Race Meets

I'm headed to the races in a month or so and always like to plan ahead for the right outfit. Last year it snowed!  Yes, bitter cold and snow - all outfits were unsuitable and out came the Barbour and Dubarry Boots.  Taking those along this year but hoping for much warmer weather.  I am going navy this year.

I keep waiting for this coat to be reduced further.  It's on sale now for 25 percent off but hoping for more.  I love the style and the fabric. 

If not, I have a solid navy tweed coat from Sail to Sable. It looks like this but it is navy blue, no plaid but it won't be very warm:

If it's really warm I can wear this TB cardigan in lieu of the coat.  This is navy blue, the classic Kendra Cardigan. It's warm, lovely quality, fully lined, with gold buttons.  If you don't own one of these, this is a great "classic add" for your wardrobe.  I can add a navy and white striped t-shirt or the floral navy that you can see in the lining.  Or just a plain white shirt will do.

I have these pants in blue and black.  These are fabulous and I wear them with everything.  The blue ones will work for my planned outfit.  And they are super comfortable.  Wear them year-round and all day.

Shoes are always difficult for me.  I have a pair of booties, small heel (1 to 1/12 inches), pointed toe, suede, very nice and comfortable. That's an option.  Shoes have to be somewhat functional and comfortable.  Also considering others:

If it's cold I'll wear a navy blue wool/warm/cashmere crew neck sweater, a wardrobe staple from J Crew.  If it's warmer then perhaps a t-shirt in white or navy.  I'll add an Hermes scarf if it's cooler with navy and horses.  I have one similar to this one.  Horses and Hermes - a must.

If it's warm enough not to need a scarf, then I will likely add a fun necklace, something like this but no shells.  This is from Meg Carter. I love her jewelry. 

Handbag is key.  I will likely bring a tote bag and a handbag (we do a lot of shopping when we go to the races).  This Kira Bag was a recent find, on sale, after the holiday.  Love it, the size is perfect.  Not too big, not too small:

Minimal jewelry - pearl earrings, diamond studs, classic gold bracelets, etc.  Nothing too flashy or heavy.  I'll take a photo this year of the final weather dependent outfit.  Cannot wait to go to the races.  And we do watch the horses! Happy Saturday.

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