Friday, February 8, 2019

Quality Clothing Has Left the Building

Another lament on the current world order - this time, clothing.  Why is the quality so dreadful now in clothing? What happened?  Have we simply lowered our standards everywhere (education, eating habits, manners, etc) so that we have to include clothing in the mix? 

Why can't you buy a 100 percent wool sweater other that one that looks like your grandmother wore it?  A nice wood cardigan or turtleneck?  Wool coats?  Lined pants?  Are you kidding?  What has happened?  And making clothing that lasts for more than one season?  Does that exist anymore outside couture?

One of my new year's resolutions is not to shop unless I really need it (and I don't need much) and whatever I buy must it must be something that I will be wearing in five years.  No trendy fashions, no Zara or H & M, no final sale items from J Crew.  Quality.Love.Need. 

I also shop the resales - because there are some great deals on the "old" stuff, often NWOT (new without tags) or NWT (new with tags) for a mere fraction of the cost. Lilly.  The old J Crew.  Brooks Brothers. Armani.  Tory Burch.  J McLaughlin. Try it out.  Poshmark.  Ebay.  Even Goodwill. 

How about this Armani Exchange wool and mohair turtleneck for $30?  

Or this Armani Jacket for less than $200?

Or this lovely Armani dress for $100?  

Or this Missoni dress for less than $100.

If we all started to demand more..........

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