Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Musings

It's a cold February day here in Virginia.  Lots of errand to run, grocery shopping to do and maybe a little stitching later today?

Stitching this floral rug will get you in a mood for spring.  Love the border.  Hint, if you plan to stitch a rug and do it in wool work on it over winter as it gets too hot to work on it during the summer months (all that wool sitting on you lap).  Get inspired here.

Planning a special dinner for Valentine's Day on Friday night.  Not sure yet what I am serving but I love this cookbook.  Read about it in Food and Wine here.  He uses very unique spices (that you will likely not have) but if you like the cookbook buy them as you'll use them over and over again.  I have three of his books and love them.

Love these new shoes from Tory Burch. I am on a shopping hiatus but these are so darn cute for spring. If you are lucky enough to be heading south for February snag them now.

Mascara for less?  Yes.  You don't have to pay $25 for good mascara anymore.  Try this one from Target.

It's not to early to start celebrating spring.

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