Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Looks From J Crew

The long-awaited (well, maybe not, really) rollout for spring from J Crew is here.  I never get my hopes up anymore with this brand as it's been so disappointing the past few years and the quality has left the building.  But I like this look below.  The coat comes also in navy (navy is my new neutral and I adding it everywhere I can).  Love the bag too.  The entire look is classic, fresh, simple and paints a nice picture.

Here's is a similar bag.  This is a good investment piece that will last for years (we hope anyway).  It should not ever go out of style. I prefer the top handle (makes is more sophisticated).




This t-shirt is fun and comes in three colors. Love the simple piping.

I have been looking at these white jeans but am not sure I could pull off this look.  Love the look but tall is not in my gene pool.

Here's a cheaper version but not in white, but comes in many colors.  Again, not sure I could pull off this look.

This is the one item that I did fall in love with.  Love the color, the look, the length.  See it here.

I can't decide if these Liberty floral mules are really cute or really ugly.  I think you'd need to try them on see how they work but they are cute online.

I was not overwhelmed by this rollout. Seems like they are just recycling last year's clothes.  Oh well, I still long for the old J. Crew.

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