Sunday, February 17, 2019

We've Lost a Bit More Style

The sad news of the passing of Lee Radziwill hit the papers yesterday.  She was such a stylish lady and sadly, these stylish ladies are leaving us with no replacements.  Think about it.  Who are our icons today?  Kim Kardashian?  Reality television show stars? Style? Grace?  Presence?  Anything at all worth even writing about?  What has happened?

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy had real style. I wish she was still here as I would have loved to watch her age with grace and dignity.

(Town and Country)

And no one would dispute Audrey Hepburn's style:

Maybe these women had stylists but on any given day, I bet these women looked stylish in jeans and tennis shoes.  It does help to be breathtakingly beautiful but still.....

C.Z. Guest is another lady who comes to mind.  She looked gorgeous even in old age.  Great style has no age.

(NY Social Diary)

(NY Social Diary)

And I would include Princess Diana on the list.  She had such great style.   I don't see that same style in the younger royals unfortunately. They try to copy her but it does not work. She's another one that would have been fun to watch age gracefully.


And we must pay tribute to Lee Radziwill who had as much style (or more) than her famous sister.

I am going to a banquet today. I am going to count the number of people who show up in jeans.  I'll wear a dress, making some effort to look like I'm going to a banquet, to show some level of respect for the organizers but it will be a lonely profile. We have lost our style.  America is indeed in a state of decline on every front.  On that happy note, have a great Sunday!

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