Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Horse Books

I used to be an avid reader and still love books (not the "e" kind) and love to own books that I have enjoyed reading.  For those of you out there who really do read, let me suggest a few good books with "equestrian" themes.

One of my all time favorites, which is no longer in print is a Country Life Diary by Josh Ponds.  This is a true account of living and running a breeding farm in Maryland.  I could not put it down and have read it more than once. 

Another one is A Very Young Rider. This is a classic and I believe it was released again after many years due to its cult-like following.  Every household should have this one.

With the Preakness coming up, how about a race horse book?  Horse of a Different Color is a well written book about a former editor who moved to Kentucky and started a breeding farm and bred a horse that won the Kentucky Derby. Jim Squires is the author.  His subtitle is "A tale of breeding geniuses, dominant females, and the fastest Derby winner since Secretariat."  At least he's honest. 

If you want a more technical book on riding, then George Morris' book is "The Bible" for hunt seat riding.  Every rider I know has this one.

A great coffee table book is Vicky Moon's well known Equestrian Style.  Lots of great photos in there. 

I don't read a lot of fiction, so I am not listing a lot of fiction books about horses.  But hopefully I have given you some good ideas for your summer reading list. 


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  1. Great suggestions..I have Equestrian style and its a beautiful book, have also given it as a gift. Great ideas!


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