Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Friday - Muzzle and Mow

I love spring, but it also means mowing and this year, with all the rain and sun, it has been overwhelming.  Once I get everything mowed, I have to start all over again.  This is week five of this cycle.  It is so bad, that I've taken to mowing early in the morning, before I start work.

The horses don't like it much either as now all three have been muzzled. The mares battle their weight much of the year but even Alfie is getting in on the picture now.  This morning, April and Sega were turned out with their grazing muzzles, which slows down their ability to graze.  They can still eat and drink but just not as much.  The other alternative is a dry lot or no turnout.  So this is much better.  If they eat too much rich grass this time of year they can founder which is very painful and sometimes career ending.  So I have to keep a close watch on them.

Hoping for less rain, warmer weather and slower growing so I can enjoy farm life again.  And it has rained every day this week!  I love spring but this mowing thing is just too much!

But the horses sure like it!

Happy Friday!

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