Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show starts today at Windsor Castle.  It's on my bucket list to go see it in person one day.  It's the largest outdoor equestrian show in the UK with over 3000 horses in more than 250 jumping, showing and carriage driving classes.  The event has been running for over 65 years and takes place in Her Majesty's private grounds at Windsor Castle.

To launch the show, the Queen agreed to publish the photo below to highlight the show.  The photo is adorable with the 85-year old Queen riding with two of her grandchildren, Lady Louise Windor (age 7) on the right and James, Viscount Severn on the left.  You may recognize Lady Louise as she was a bridesmaid in the Royal Wedding.

The photo of Prince Phillip was taken at the show:

Unfortunately, carriage driving in the U.S. has fallen out of favor.  There are very few events left anymore for this discipline.

Would love to make over to Windsor Castle to see this event one day..................

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