Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Equestrian China

I'm traditional in the sense that I love a formal dining room, fine china and silver and linens on my table.  Realize that most people today don't share my passion, but there is nothing finer than a lovely table with a gourmet dinner.

There are many equestrian-themed china patterns out there, most old and some hard to find.  But let's take a peak at a few of them. 

This is a Fitz & Floyd pattern.  Not sure of the name, when it was made, but it would be fun with some dark whicker chargers (from Caspari) and bamboo flatware.

This is one of my favorite equestrian patterns and it's been around a long time, from Wedgewood. It was discontinued at one time and I believe they brought is back.  Still hard to find though.  Hunting Scene.  Would look lovely on a table in a country house.

This Royal Cauldon pattern comes in black and brown and there are various scenes (not sure how many though). I have this for 12 (in black) and I use it mostly for luncheons or desserts.  The plates are a bit smaller than a regular dinner plate.

Here it is in black, which I prefer:

This is a well-known pattern from Spode modeled after the Herring fox hunting scenes:

This is an older pattern from Royal Doulton which is hard to find and almost impossible to put together in complete sets.  You could piece it together from Ebay over a long period of time or maybe get lucky in an antique store.  Lovely though.......

Another older Royal Doulton pattern that is hard to find:

Here is a more modern Ralph Lauren china pattern that came out and was discontinued in the same year, 1993:

Here's to more formal entertaining, with an equestrian twist!

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  1. Love this post! As a designer in Louisville, KY, I'm always looking for unique ways to update the Derby theme. Thanks.


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