Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Keswick

I returned today from the Keswick Horse Show which takes place just east of Charlottesville, Virginia. Keswick is a lovely "horsey" area full of large farms, lush grass, grand old Virginia homes and of course, horses.

The Keswick Horse Show is an old Virginia show, in the same genre as Upperville, Deep Run, and Warrenton (in its day, but not so much anymore).  It is uber competitive and it is fun to go and watch even if you are not competing.

It is put on by the Keswick Hunt and much of the money raised goes to charity.  There is a train track that runs through the show grounds so your horse must be "train proof" to compete there.  Just part of its charm.

Here is a photo of a cabin on the grounds, used by the Hunt Club.

Love the sign:

Here are a few photos of the "hunter ring."  There is a jumper ring too. 

The horses are all turned out with braided manes and tails, the riders are in their outfits.  It makes for a lovely picture.

I love this old jockey that a vendor was selling.  Had a pretty hefty price tag on it or it might have gone home with me.

There is a party most nights under the tent at the end of the ring.  Love the arrangements for the tables:

Thanks to all of the Hunt Club members and volunteers who make this show so much fun.  There is nothing like an old Virginia horse show!

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  1. I am quite familiar with this area, in particular the railroad track in question. I was hoping to do the Keswick farm tour this year too, but the weather didn't cooperate. Hopefully next time.

    Have you ever been to Laurie Holladay's shop in Gordonsville?


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