Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy Dinner Party

OK, let's do a little fantasizing here.  What if you could have the most fabulous dinner party ever? Invite the most interesting people, serve the best food on the most gorgeous china.  Have the best flower centerpieces in the most elegant dining room or patio.  Just pick the best of the best of the best.  What would you do?

Here's what I would do. I'd start with formal engraved invitations.  I like these, with some slight modification; would use a horse logo of some sort, probably more fox hunt/country in lieu of the race horse motif, but you get the idea.  Love the "equestrian orange" lined envelopes.

I'd have a formal dinner for 8-12 people in my dining room at home, but I won't show you photos of that just yet (a work still in progress, but the drapes should be completed any day now). We might start by having cocktails here:

Or maybe a few chairs with this view before dinner:

 Here are a few dining rooms that will suffice though, given that mine is still not quite done:

This one is from Elle Decor:

This one is an ideal space for a small intimate affair (from Southern Accents):

China is my weakness, so if I could I'd have 30 sets (or more). This Hermes pattern sets a lovely table (from Southern Accents):

I like this one too, more formal, but beautiful (also from Southern Accents):

Pull out the silver and use it!
And you must use formal, monogrammed linens. Try these (all from Leontine Linens):

These flowers would add to the decor (nothing is nicer than fresh flowers):

I love to cook but am a very picky eater but prefer to cook from chefs who own restaurants (not sure why).  Some of my favorites are:

Anything from Vong.  He puts together the most unique flavors.  You'll need a separate spice rack just for this book, but it is worth it.

Here are few more:

And one with a southern twist:

Hope I have inspired some great dinner parties! 

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