Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bolehyde Manor

The Daily Mail reported a few months ago that Kate Middleton's parents had viewed Bolehyde Manor, a 14th century manor house at Allington, near Chippenham, Wiltshire.  Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles moved there in 1973 and its vegetable garden is reputed, falsely, to be the location of Prince Charles' proposal of marriage to Lady Diana Spencer.  The house is currently occupied by the Earl and Countess Cairns.

The house has about 70 acres of land, 11 bedrooms, three cottages, meticulous gardens and landscaping, a tennis court, swimming pool and pear orchard.  The house itself is a large 17th century stone-tiled rubble stone building.  Parts are possibly 16th century and it contains a Tudor-arched fireplace.  The house is located 16 miles from Highgrove, Prince Charles' country retreat.

The price tag is high, have seen ranges from 4 million pounds to 7 million pounds.  But it is indeed a lovely estate.

Prince Charles is reported to have spent much time there when his marriage to Lady Diana started to come apart.

It would certainly be a step up for the Middletons who appear to handle their new found fame due to their daughter's marriage, extremely well.

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  1. Think we could swing the cost if you all take the east wing, and we take the west?!
    xo Cathy


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