Monday, May 9, 2011

Deux Chevaux

If you have not discovered a small equine-related company called Deux Chevaux then you should.  I fell in love with their candles last year after seeing them at a vendor at the Keswick Horse Show in Virginia.  If you love equines then you won't be able to resist these scents:  Apple, Graze, Tack, Hay Field, Mash, and Stardust (smells like peppermints).  The "Tack" scent is my favorite and it honestly smells like freshly oiled leather.  The candles each have a leather band with the name of the scent on it, mimicking a leather halter with a brass nameplate. Gotta love it!

The belts are also stylish and unique.  Check these out:

You can order them in silver or gold.

Order off the web at  Happy Monday!

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