Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Country Boots for Less

We all love Dubarry boots, but the price point is high, and doesn't fit the budget for many people.  There are other alternatives out there though for much less.

Ovation makes boots that look a lot like Dubarry and they are about half the price.  They make tall boots and mid-calf boots but I don't know how warm these boots are or if they hold up well.  I find that you have to dig a bit to find these boots in stock online in your size.  But if you dig enough you can find them.

These look a lot like Dubarry boots but for much less.  See them here.

I like these too.  See them here.

I love these which are deeply reduced at Dover right now. You can read a very thorough review of this boot here.  

These boots are very stylish and I would love to have a pair of these which are also on sale right now at Dover. See them here.
These Ariat boots are very similar to the Dubarry boot for about $100 less.  See them here.  You can buy them at Dover right now for about $200.  See them here at Dover.

These Ovation boots are also similar to Dubarry.  See them here.

Boots are made for walking, but also for looking stylish and comfortable in the country.

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