Friday, November 18, 2016

J Crew Holiday Picks

J Crew is waiting a bit late this year to roll out their holiday attire but I don't think you'll be disappointed as I personally have been underwhelmed by what I am seeing online at other retailers.  Some of these clothes remind me of the J. Crew of old, so let's hope they are trending in that direction.  There are a ton of things I love and the real roll out comes next week but some things are available for preorder online.  Some of these will surely sell-out quickly!

I can't figure out why they put three pockets on this jacket.  I'd be tempted to take the one off up top if that is possible.  But even with that, this is really cute.  See it here.

While this does not immediately scream "holiday" I do like that it's cotton and silk so I would dress this up a bit for the holidays.  I love this print that they took out of the decorating books.  Zebras are everywhere at J Crew right now.  I'd pair this with white wool pants, a black cardigan and a string of pearls. See it here.

The zebra shirt could also be worn with this skirt.
I love this shell and it also comes in navy which I like better.  I'd pair a white blouse underneath this and wear it throughout the holidays.  See it here.  I have an older model that is all sequins, black and burgundy color block and I love it.  You'd be surprised at how often you can make an occasion festive with sequins.

This is my favorite from this roll out. This will sell out very quickly. Love this and will wear this with jeans, with wool pants with various turtlenecks underneath. See it here.

There is a lot of tartan in this roll out. Here are a few more peaks:

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