Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kerry Millikin - From Olympic Medalist to Incredible Artist

The name Kerry Millikin may ring familiar to those who follow eventing.  In her day, Kerry was an accomplished Olympian, winning a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics in Eventing.   She's now retired from the horse world but she is equally accomplished in the studio, the art studio.

Kerry's sister, Liz, an accomplished rider as well, is a dear friend, and I visited her this past week on her lovely farm just outside of Middleburg, Virginia. Liz still rides and events (she has completed four stars all over the world) and buys and sells horses.  She has a great eye for a horse.

Kerry is in the red coat. Her horse, Out and About, called "Outie" was an incredible animal.


You can see Kerry's work here. It's amazing how talented Kerry is.  Happy Saturday!

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