Monday, November 7, 2016

Chuck Pinnell - Master Leather Craftsman in Virginia

Last week I ventured over to Crozet, Virginia to see Chuck Pinnell. Chuck makes belts, chaps, leather bracelets, all kinds of stuff, all by hand. The buckles are silver, also made by hand and he sources his leather all over the world. Expensive? Of course?  An heirloom?  Absolutely.  He caters to the sporting crowd, but you don't have to subscribe to Garden and Gun to love his wares. 

 The orange belt was my favorite.

 He makes cuffs, wallets, card holders, all kinds of things.

The cuffs with the fox are divine and would make a great present for someone who loves to fox hunt.  He can make these in most any color. The fox can be silver, gold or even with "eyes" if you are willing to pony up a bit more.  

Chuck is known for his chaps and half-chaps (we ride in them) and they are by far the BEST and they will last forever. Mine are nine years old and with a little refurbishing, will last me another ten.  But if you want something custom, with the best craftsmanship, the best leather selection then Chuck is the man.  See his website here.

He can make wonderful belts and handbags for your needlepoint projects.  See his website for wonderful photos of his chaps, needlepoint belts, bags, and belts. And tell Santa about Chuck!


  1. I also have half chaps about 10 years old, and full chaps(yes from years gone by) that I adore. His work is amazing and worth saving up for. And to top it off he is just a nice person and great to design your custom piece with.

  2. Yes, the quality is unbelievable.


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