Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Update - Fresh From the Farm

It's been a wild week hasn't it?  Who would have guessed that we would be looking at President Trump come January?  It's been a busy week here at the farm, settling into winter, with darkness now falling at 5:30 pm.  Cuts the day very short for sure.

Here are a few updates from the farm.....

1) Lola
Lola has been back in regular work after a summer hiatus due to injury and hard ground.  We have slowly brought her back, she is doing well and is at the farm where she's ridden almost every day.  Hoping to have her "show ready" by early spring.  She shows great promise as a 2'6/2'9 horse and will do very well in the OTTB shows and divisions.  She is fascinated by the cows.

2) Alfie
I decided to skip our year-end horse show this year with Alfie as we have not been showing much and were out of our routine.  The year got too busy.  He likes his limited schedule but he'll stay in work this winter for sure and will do some showing early next year.  We have a new trainer for next year and am starting a regular lesson program which we badly need.  He still has a few more year-end awards in him.

3) Sega
Sega is enjoying her retirement and loves having Lola back home.  They hang out together.  She loves the warm fall days.
4) April
My hubby has decided that April is his horse and now rides her a few days a week.  She loves having a job and the match was indeed made in heaven.

I am hoping some of you watched the Breeders' Cup.  Loved seeing Classic Empire win again (we saw him win at Keeneland in October) and hope to see him in the Derby.  Arrogate is the "real" deal.  Who thought we'd see another horse as fast as American Pharoah this soon?  He is a freak.  And hats off to Beholder who pulled out her last win in classic style like the real champion she is.  Cannot wait to see her baby!  She is being bred to Uncle Mo next year.

Happy Friday! 


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