Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter Essentials for the Farm

It was a chilly 23 degrees F yesterday morning so while our fall has been warm and mild, winter is warning us that it's on its way.  So I am gearing up for the winter months when I venture out to barn when it's in the single digits on a regular basis.  And this season, I'm keeping the horses in regular work all winter.  So what helps me out in these conditions?  I have a few favorites......

1) Smart Wool Socks
These are the warmest socks bar none.  They don't hold up as well as other ones, so you'll go through a pair every year or so but worth it!

2) Good Winter Gloves
This is my "go to brand" and these are very warm.  I can use them for chores and I ride in them.  

3) Dubarry Boots
I just bought my second pair. My first pair is over 5 years old and still going.  These are warm, comfortable and they last.  Totally worth the expense.

5) Anything Rambo
My horses love me for this.  These last and they don't rub.  

5) Thermatex Blankets
For horses in winter work these are a great way to cool them out.  I love wool but you don't have to dry clean these.  

6) Pool Noodles for the Water Hydrants
Sounds crazy doesn't it?  For your hydrants, never attach a hose during winter ever again.  These won't freeze ever.  Once it gets cold, take your hoses away use these to get the water into your outside water buckets.

7) Heated Water Buckets
Horses won't drink really cold water.  Eliminate this problem with bucket warmers.  

8) Anything Arcteryx
I dress in layers and the Arcteryx brand is the warmest by far. And this stuff lasts forever.  One of my shirts is 15 years old and still going strong. 

9) A Good Bottle of Wine
Nothing warms like a great Chardonnay at the end of the long cold day.


  1. Good list!! Warm boots and gloves are definitely a must!

  2. Hah, #9 is def the MOST essential piece, lol


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