Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fuzzy Logic

Fur feels so good on your feet once the cold weather sets in and it's coming.  There seems to be a lot of fur flying between the catalogs I've seen this week.

Love, love, love these Gucci flat mules, if you can find them.  These were sold out last year and it's looking again like they are just as popular despite their lofty price tag.

These Nordic boots from J Crew are sure to keep the feet warm outside this winter.  I love them with the red shoe laces.  If you aren't so bold, you can use the more demure version.  See them here.

J McLaughlin is full of fur for the holidays.

These will keep your feet warm for sure.

And if you've got a slim budget, you'll love this one from Target, for less than $50.  Love it.  

Love this vest from BR.  See it here.

Stay warm out there.  Hope you voted!!!!!

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