Wednesday, November 23, 2016

J Crew - What Were They Thinking?

J Crew is my "go to" store for clothing day in and day out and I love their stuff.  Their recent catalog is full of things I love but sometimes they really miss.  And when they miss, they really miss. 

Is this the new style, the Amish look?  School marm look?  Seriously?   Early 1980's retro?

Is there anyone on the planet other than Karlie Kloss who could wear this?  Maybe for Halloween next year?  Maybe this would work for anyone who needs to add an extra 20 pounds to their mid-section.  Awful.  Beyond awful.  I can picture the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in this though, can't you?
Is anyone game for this $600 Italian satin embellished striped top in a green color I haven't seen since I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  Would you dole out $600 for this?  And what's up with those "sprinkles" across the front of this Italian wonder?  Ugly. Simply ugly in every way.

This "collection" embellished polo is now on sale for $150 marked down from $250. I wouldn't pay $100 for this pink, excuse me, "summer sorbet" shirt.  How in the world do you wash this thing?  Does it jingle as you walk?  Awful.  Who would wear this?  Anyone? 

Embellished floral clutch in "vinyl" is now marked down to the bargain price of $149 from $199. What a deal!  A hideous vinyl clutch for $200. Will it melt in hot climates? This looks like the purses my Barbie dolls came with in the early 70's.  Maybe there is someone in Brooklyn who thinks this is pretty other than Jenna.  But I doubt it.



  1. Whoa, I need some eye bleach after that assortment of hideousness! No kidding, when they miss they REALLY miss... All that stuff looks like Barbie should wear it and that's about IT! :D

  2. Haha! Loved your post! I also like a lot of J. Crew clothes but I agree with you that they really make some mistakes.

  3. These crew cloths are fine. Nicely designed and the tee-shirts have beautiful color and design pattern. It seems that they are unique from today. Altogether these outfits are really appreciating though I love modern standard fashion. I love black trench coat


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