Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 - Looking Back

Where does the time go?  I really don't know.  It's difficult to believe that we are at the end of yet another year.  Here's to looking back on some of the best memories of 2017.......

Trips to Keeneland
We made two trips to Keeneland this year and I must say that these were two of the best weekends of the year.  In April, we saw American Pharoah (pinch me please, I still can't believe it).  We saw some of the Derby hopefuls run in the Blue Grass Stakes in April and the Breeders' Cup hopefuls run in October. It's a magical place.  We saw the infamous Tapit at Gainesway in October.  Two memorable trips. Hoping to make many more trips to Keeneland.

(American Pharoah, HCC photo)

(Tapit, HCC photo)

We welcomed Madison to our lives in late April.  She is indeed a diva, a darling mare with a bright future.  She had some ups and downs and she's on a short hiatus resting up for the 2018 season due to the extreme cold temperatures at the moment.  Madda ended the year on a high note, winning over a huge division at our year end horse show.  She's now a permanent member of our farm family with more memories to be made.

Alfie had a typical "Alfie" year at the horse shows, with his bi-polar ways (we could write a book on equine psychoanalysis).  He's starting to get up there in age, so I am going to savour our time together in 2018 as he is starting to slow down (getting old is for sissies, right?).  He has a few years left to show I am hoping.  He's a tough guy but there's a lot to love and I will surely miss his cute looks when he finally retires with Sega.

Trek to Canada
We made our annual trek to the Canadian Rockies and as usual it did not disappoint.  The cold temperatures and lovely mountain views make this a winter wonderland that we hate to miss.  It was hard to leave, but we are coming back!

But the best part of 2017 has been the day-in and day-out living on the farm. I would not trade it for anything else. It's great to love where you live and relish the joy and beauty of every day life. For that I am very lucky.  Love your life.  Enjoy every day!  Have a wonder December day, one of the last in 2017.

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