Saturday, December 9, 2017

Equine Disaster Relief for the California Horses - How You Can Help

If you have been following the recent news then you'll know about the fires in California and the huge loss of equine life at the San Luis Rey Equine Training Center.  It is just devastating.  Please think about giving to the relief effort.  Horses have lost their homes, many have died, people in the horse industry have lost their livelihood, even if just temporary. Many are employed at the racetracks and one of those race tracks has suffered severe damage and some who helped free and rescue these horses have been burned or injured.  Hopefully we can all find a way to give.  May those that died be galloping in horse heaven under the watchful eye of Bill Steinkraus.

Here is an update from someone on the ground out in California.......
All surviving horses are out of San Luis Rey Training Center. Most are at Del Mar, others are at nearby farms. Many are still unidentified and so are officially unaccounted for, and about 30 passed away at the track. Del Mar is asking for halters, bandages, clips, blankets, carrots, apples, gloves, and shavings. In terms of the volunteers, bedding and clothing is desperately needed. If you are not in the area, the local Tractor Supply should be able to deliver supplies as they did for hurricane relief. I am hearing Stateline Tack may be doing the same. Mary’s Tack and Feed is also nearby. Phone number for them is 858-755-2015. Carter's Hay and Grain is also taking supplies to the track. Their number is 760-436-4738.

Here is the gofundme for the efforts.
There is also an Amazon wishlist set up, select the address associated with Del Mar. Items can arrive tomorrow with expedited shipping.

Here is where you can donate money to the grooms who risked their lives to free the horses.

Here is an existing fundraiser where the recipient has asked that the funds be redirected to help those involved in the fire.…/bucket-fund-news-r…/12/07/2017/

Del Mar's address: 2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard, Del Mar, CA 92014 - You can donate money directly to Del Mar.

There were many heroes at the track last night. They ran into burning barns to free horses and stayed behind instead of evacuating themselves in order to turn horses loose and then round them up again when evacuation vans were able to get in. Some have heard the story of the horses who died in the Creek Fire due to being padlocked in their stalls. This is NOT the case at San Luis Rey. These animals were not abandoned. The Lilac Fire sprung up quickly and horses were evacuated as soon as fire marshals allowed vans inside. Several people have been hospitalized for injuries sustained saving these animals' lives. They are the reason the surviving ones are still alive. Moving calm horses in favorable weather conditions takes considerable time. Moving scared horses in smoke and fire is extremely difficult. These folks absolutely did everything they could.

Please assist if you are at all able. The track has several hundred horses that 24 hours ago they didn't think they would have. Thankfully they have 200 volunteers there this morning to water and feed and monitor for colic. The racehorses have mostly calmed down due to them being accustomed to moving around and to stressful situations. The rescued show horses are having a harder time. Thankfully, while many have injuries, none of the horses who made it out of the fire have died or had to be euthanized.

And it is heartwarming to hear how others are helping out. Famed Stonestreet Stables announced that they are making donations in the coming days......

We (Stonestreet) are donating $10,000 to the Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) Horses First Fund today. Additionally, 10% of Stonestreet Stables purses earned over the next 10 days will also go to help the people and horses in need - who'll join us and pledge a percentage? #10days10percent #SanLuisRey #LilacFire

It takes a village and may those that helped in this terrible tragedy be rewarded in some way for your heroic efforts.  And may the horses that survived recover.  Please give. It is the time of year when we should all be counting our blessings.  I certainly am today! 


  1. I just cannot fathom how terrifying and potentially devastating these fires are. Those grooms are heroes!

  2. Sent a donation yesterday in lieu of Christmas presents.

    1. Thank you! I made one too. This is a great cause and the volunteers in CA who helped save these animals and who are now working at Del Mar to care for them are unsung heroes!


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