Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Tartan Holiday

A few years ago I tried to find tartan napkins for the holiday season and they were no where to be found.  Now, everywhere you look - tartan!  I am glad that it's back "in" but tartan should never go out of style.

Add a bit of holiday zest to your wardrobe with a pair of tartan shoes.  These are Nine West but you can find tartan shoes right now at Talbots, J Crew, and at Brooks Brothers.

A tartan lambswool throw is a good gift idea.

 These plates in tartan from Pottery Barn are so cute. I like the square appetizer plates best.

This bay leaf wreath with tartan trim will make your house smell great for the holidays.

Those tartan napkins I could not find a few years ago and now everywhere!

I love this handmade tartan Christmas Tree Skirt on Etsy:

This red tartan pillow will add some zest to your holiday decorating:

I love these personalized wine glasses with tartan trim:

Or these monogrammed trays:

Or these tartan gift tags:

Tartan place mats anyone?

And more on those elusive napkins:

Hope you have a tartan holiday!

1 comment:

  1. I love tartan everything. In fact, all the men wore blue tartan ties at my wedding! Our sheets are tartan. So is my horse's halter...


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