Friday, December 1, 2017

Gifts for the Horsey Set

It's always difficult to find the perfect gift for the "horsey set" because the world is in fact divided into tiny "sub cultures" and in many cases they do not overlap.  For example, the "Dressage People" are very distinct from the "Hunter-Jumper People" or the "Western Reining" people and the "Hunting People."  We all use different products, brands, and have different lifestyles around the horses.

My list crosses all of these disciplines and while I am a "Hunter-Jumper" person at heart, I also spent years riding to the hounds so I love the fox hunting lifestyle.  But hoping that these gift ideas will appeal to a wide swath of the horse world.

I love these Decoupage Glass Trays (and they are 50% off) and there are various models to chose from - hunting, racing, etc.  These are great to put on tables, use at your bedside or bathroom. 

I love these linen tea towels which will make a great stocking stuffer.  You don't have to own a horse to love this.

This fleece pullover from Horseware is perfect for the rider, regardless of discipline.  

This vase will look lovely in anyone's home.

This scarf will look great under a Barbour Jacket.

I love this off to the races tray - perfect for your Derby party in the spring!

This pearl necklace with an equestrian twist will be a big hit for sure.

Or this Ronner tote...

I am in love with these hand-painted wine glasses!

And these handmade grooming boxes make great gifts although you may not get it in time for Christmas.


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