Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Art of Giving

My father was a big giver.  He gave away his time, his money, his insight and his wisdom and he was a big fund raiser and got all of his friends to give when he thought the cause was worthwhile.  One of the best things he taught me was to give.  I don't have the luxury of free time at the moment but I do try to give money to certain charities, even if in small amounts.  He taught me you'll get back far more than you give.  As I have gotten older, I only give to charities, associations and causes that are dear to me.  Animals and the environment are my two areas of interest.  I think that the animals are often overlooked.

One of the charities I give to is New Vocations.  They re-home race horses.  It's a  great cause as many of these animals get trucked to Mexico for slaughter.  They are also working on a huge capital campaign. And right now, their horses are half price.  Read about their programs here.

The Equus Foundation helps horses in all kinds of ways and is supposedly the only charity like this in the US.  I have not given to this one but you can read about them here.

Another foundation that I do give to is the US Hunter Jumper Foundation's Scholarship Program.  They have a fund set aside and they give great scholarships and opportunities to train with great trainers (with great horses) for very good riders who don't have the funds to ride at the AA level.  Read about their programs here.

Give also to your local and country associations - Humane Society, SPCA, Cats Unlimited, etc.  The animals need our support to.  And please give.  Every dollar, every donation counts!

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