Friday, December 29, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

Winter has arrived here in the Virginia Hunt Country. Doing barn chores is a real chore in these freezing temperatures.  The horses can't be loving it either.  Over the years I have learned to dress for the cold. As a matter of fact, I was actually hot by the time I finished cleaning the barn before lunch today. So what's my secret?  Tried and true clothing that works in winter.  Hands and feet are the first to go so I recommend wearing Smartwool socks.  They are by far, the very best.  My fox hunting friends told me about the brand years ago and I have been a loyal fan ever since.  I like the regular boot sock, knee-highs, but they make a ski sock too with a padded foot.  They make shorter socks too.  They are made of wool and you throw them in the washing machine and dryer.

They also make glove liners which work well under mittens or just by themselves.

A base layer is also key.  I prefer something on my neck and I like half-zips.  The Smartwool half-zip is very warm.  It's nice looking too so you can wear it alone too.

They also make a crew-neck version.

Keeping your head warm is also a "must" when it's so cold outside.  Smartwool also makes cute hats that are warm and good looking.


There's no reason to be cold and you can enjoy winter if you dress for it.  Looks like we are in for a long, cold season, so get out there and enjoy it!

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