Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Apollo Update

It's been one full year since Apollo arrived on the farm - I can hardly believe it but I remember that day so well.  He was so small and shy and terrified after his long journey from New Jersey.  He had a buddy with him on the trailer that day thank goodness.  Since he arrived he has outgrown two blankets and three halters.  His new winter blanket will hopefully make through this winter! 

I have loved having him here and he's added a bit of zest to my field of horses, more geriatric than not.  But in October Apollo showed his bad side and decided to be really naughty and he kicked me in the leg in his stall while eating his dinner one evening.  It was a calculated kick.  Luckily, it wasn't bad enough to send me to the ER but I was more mentally wounded by his sudden bad behaviour.  His "Royal Cuteness" wasn't so cute.

 (Apollo at one year old in July)

As a horse owner, I know when I am out of my league, so what's a girl to do but call in the professionals.  They came and picked him up a few days later and off little Apollo went to "reform school." Reform school consisted of living at my trainer's farm, in a field during the day with another colt and filly just a little bit younger than Apollo and having routine visits from "Gip" the "cowboy."  Gip taught Apollo how to load on the trailer.  He now loads better and quicker than any of my horses.  He learned to respect "us humans" in a round pen where he now can almost lunge.  We did not lunge him but taught him the commands of a rope and halter.  He likes his halter and blankets better and he can sit in cross ties.  He had multiple baths in the wash stall too. He gained a lot of confidence and feels better about himself so he no longer has to feel like humans are threatening to him.  It was time and money well spent.  He really grew up a lot and you can see the maturity in him visually and mentally.  But I am glad he is home.  Here is Apollo last night, hopefully happy to be back on his farm.

He is now 17 months old and we'll build on his new training, hoping to instill more confidence in him as he matures.  He is getting lighter (this time last year he was solid black) and I will measure him soon but guessing he's around 15 hands.  He also has a new horse show name if he makes it to the horse show world - Frost Bite.


  1. Welcome home, Apollo! I'm glad you were able to send him to 'reform school' and that it seems to have made a world of difference. I wish more people would do this with their young horses. These valuable skills will make him so much easier to start in the future. He's lucky he's cute! Glad you weren't injured worse when he kicked you.

  2. Thank you. Yes, it could have been much worse - if he had hit my knee for example. But the money and time were worth it and he has a nice foundation now from which to work when we break him in another year or two.


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