Saturday, January 4, 2020

How to Overcome the Januaries

I used to dread the winter months but now I try and find the positive and look to the good things that happen in the dead of winter.  And guess what, March will be here in less than 60 days!

So what am I looking forward to?

1) Football Playoffs
I don't follow football until the playoffs start and then it's really fun to watch.  Am rooting for the Ravens to win it all this year.  It all starts today.

2) The Aussie Open
Tennis is my favorite spectator sport other than horse racing, and it all starts up again this week.  The Aussie Open is the best two weeks in January.  Predicting a huge upset this year on the men's side - the Big Three will not be in the winner's circle this year.....

3) The Pegasus Cup
Late January bring The Pegasus Cup from Gulfstream Park which lost some of it's luster when Maximum Security decided to run in the Middle East.  But we'll get to see Omaha Beach's last race and I am predicting a big win for him before he goes to the breeding shed.

4) Movie Night
In winter we watch movies and I like to see some of the Oscar contenders.  If I can't go to the theater then I try to watch some good ones at home.  Cozy up to the fire with a warm cup of soup and binge.

5) More Time to Stitch
Winter is when I get the most stitching done and get all those ornaments finished so they can go to the finisher. 

6) The Derby Hunt
The race to the Derby really starts now and I love following the young three-year-olds around the country.  There seems to be a good crop this year so far but anything can happen in the next five months.  I am still a big fan of Dennis' Moment.

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Tsk, tsk, Ann....I'm a Pats fan. :) I'm still reeling from last night's loss. The Ravens? Probably. They've gotten better throughout the season. Not so with the Pats...sigh..

    1. Sorry that the Pats lost last night. I am a Steeler's and a Panther's fan but they were not even in the hunt this year. But I do think the Ravens have the best shot to win it all this year.


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