Thursday, January 9, 2020

Why We Love Porthault

With the annual Porthault White Sale coming our way soon, it's always a wonder to me why we all love this very expensive French-founded company known for their colorful floral linens and towels, piped sheets and bathrobes.  For many owning Porthault is an obsession which seems to be passed down by grandmothers, mothers, friends and in-laws.  I've blogged about this brand before in 2018.  See the older post here.

The Duchess of Windsor was a fan, so was Jackie (who invited Ms. Porthault to the White House) and also Paris Hilton and even Bill Gates.  Woody Allen, Tina Turner and lamp designer Christopher Spitzmiller are also converts.  The first printed bed linens were introduced in 1924.  They don't come cheap.  The basic cotton sheets are the $600 to $1000 range and you'll pay more for the lovely flowery ones.  Made-to-order?  Yes, if you have enough money. 

If the linens are out of your price range, you can add the book to your library:

In the 20's Paris Madeleine Porthault worked as a lingerie assistant to courtier Maggy Rouff.  Her husband, Daniel Porthault was a textile manufacturer.  She started her own intimates collection and Princess Marina of Greece commissioned a lingerie trousseau for her wedding.  She loved her work so much that she asked if she would make sheets to match her trousseau and that was the beginning of Porthault.


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