Thursday, January 2, 2020

Vested Interest

I live in vests, literally. Almost every day you'll find me wearing one, usually with side zip pockets and mostly made by Ariat. You can't go wrong with layering a vest and you can make a plain ugly outfit cute with a vest.  The good news is that many of them are on sale so if you'd like to add to your own supply now's the time.

Ariat is my "go-to" brand - very good quality, holds up for years, great styles, fun patterns.  I have not seen this pattern in real life but it is so darn cute.  It's a puffer style and their puffer ones are warm.

Their Ashley Vest is more tailored and has zipper pockets.  Some of these are lined in great fabrics like this black one that is lined with a horse print.  It is very cute and Santa delivered this one under my tree this year. It comes in many colors.

I love this gray vest from Tredstep and it's partially lined with fur.  It runs small so order up at least one size. This one has some nice details.

My Patagonia Fleece Vest is a favorite but not for the barn. It collects shavings like a magnet but outside that venue it's a favorite.

But my favorite vest of all time has to be this one by Arc'teryx.  This is the best brand for cold weather clothing and this stuff will outlast anything you can buy. It is expensive but worth it.  This vest is so lightweight you don't know you are wearing it but at the same time it is warm even in plunging temperatures.  Skiers live in this brand in Canada. They know.  It comes in many colors and shop around, you can find it on sale but you won't see this brand marked down by more than 30 or 40 percent. They'll put the older colors on sale when the new ones come out. It is also cheaper to buy this in Canada so if you have a trip coming up shop for it there.  Love this one!  You will too. 

This vest also comes in a hoody with sleeves and I use to layer when I ski.  It is also so comfortable you can sleep in it. Sometimes less is more.

Stay warm! 

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