Monday, June 29, 2020

Finding Your Pandemic Style

No trips to the salon, the spa, the doctor, and or my favorite clothing stores.  But you can develop your own pandemic style.  The reality is that we are going to be staying home a lot more in the next few years than we ever imagined. No big parties, no European vacations, not even a trip to the races is in the cards this year.  But that does not mean you can't keep your own style...... This may become the new normal.

I have learned to love hats this summer. Three news ones already!  If you are outside a lot, a hat is key to protect your skin but it can also be a fashion statement.  Love this one!

(Vineyard Vines Hat)

(CK Bradley Hat)

When I am not riding I am in shorts or a dress.  These are my favorite!

Love these for pull-on style:

 I love these dresses from Lilly and Vineyard Vines. Comfortable?  Check.  Protective?  Check.  Reasonably priced?  Check.

My pandemic style:

Understated, preppy, classic, simplistic, comfortable, environmentally conscious.

My primary brands:
J Crew (jeans, shorts)
Birkenstock (sandals)
Teva (sandals)
Lilly Pulitzer (SPF dresses)
Vineyard Vines (SPF dresses and hats)

Have a stylish day!

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