Saturday, September 19, 2020

Holiday Planning - Paper

 The holidays seem such a long way off but this year, due to Covid, I am going to make that time of the year extra festive. We took a two-week trip last year right in the middle of December so I somehow felt that last year we really did not celebrate the season full force. We don't travel for the holidays and certainly won't travel this year so I am going to make it extra special this year. 

We are planning right now for paper - cards, wrap, napkins.  

I bought cards from Caspari and plan to send snail mail cards (yes, some of us still do that).  I am also a big fan of Dogwood Hill for cards, notes, tags and wrapping paper.  Great stuff.  It's too hard to choose from all their products.  Here is a peak at their 2020 holiday line:

You can also order direct from Caspari.  Love their cards.  Here are a few of my favorites:




Love these cards:

These cards from Etsy are so great for the holidays. Going in my cart for sure. 

Love these too, also from Etsy:

I also stock up my paper cocktail napkin stash from Caspari.  Since I am not going in-person I just order mine online.  Loving these:

You can't forget the wrapping paper. Caspari is also a great source for that too.  Here are some of my favorites:

Order early.  Just remember most of us will be shopping online this year.  You can see the Caspari collection here.  Have a great Saturday. 

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