Thursday, September 24, 2020

My Christmas Wish List

In typical years I am a good early holiday shopper.  Usually by Thanksgiving I have much of my holiday shopping done.  But because all of our shopping will be online this year, it's harder to find that perfect gift that you just happen to see in a store while browsing for something else.  I hit the Lilly sale hard this year, so lots of my gifts will be Lilly.  But I also put a list together for hubby as he too will be shopping online this year.  Here are a few of the gifts on my own list:

I add a lot of vintage needlepoint books to my collection through the year.  I find great borders, alphabets, ideas for belts, hat bands, and even rugs, in these old books.  But I'd love to own this book of stitches, which is new.

This one is practical.  I need a very good waterproof raincoat for outdoor wear. When I steward, go to shows, or just for the farm, I don't own a raincoat that will keep me dry. This one will do it and I love it in dark blue.  It comes also in black.  If we ever travel again, this one is perfect for rainy days walking the streets of Europe.  See it here.

And I have always wanted one of these and now that we don't go out it's a perfect time to really cook.  Love the pistachio color and they are on sale right now at W-S.  

Now that our Dover Saddlery has closed I probably won't keep up my collection of Ariat clothing.  They had the best selection and I love the brand. But I found this one at Ariat and would likely add it to my bulging collection.  But I live in this stuff all winter long and never tire of it. See this one here.

This is the winter version for Ariat, their shirts that I also live in during the colder months. Love this pattern.  See it here.

Also like this one, to mix and match with a large collection of Ariat winter vests:

Would love to add to my pad collection (it is very low).  Monogrammed, not monogrammed, just fun.  Love these from Etsy:

Also love these in aqua.  See the pads here.

Or these.  See here.

Loving also this monogrammed stationary.  Some of us still use snail mail.  See it here.

Happy Thursday!

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