Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits

Have been working these past few days at a horse show, getting up very early and coming home very late so I am a little tardy with blogging.  Fall is definitely in the air in Virginia and it was great fun to be outdoors all day for three days.  Being around so many nice horses also motivated me to get my own back in gear and ride.  

I was thinking this morning that this time last year I was preparing for a fun trip overseas, getting my wardrobe in order, planning for a long trip by my standards.  We had hoped to do it again late this year but alas, a trip certainly won't happen for at least another 18 months best case scenario.  My Breeders' Cup trip also cancelled. Preakness cancelled.  Everything I was so looking forward to, cancelled.

We will get through this somehow. There has to be a silver lining somewhere in this picture show.  We'll see.......

Over the weekend, however, I saw many old friends.  These are solid people who will be there when you need them (hard to find these days, sadly).  I also saw an old trophy that Sega won in 2002, one of her biggest wins and our names are etched there with some very nice horses.  That put a huge smile on my face.  But I also saw some very rude and unsavory behaviour by adults that made me think that our country is indeed headed in the wrong direction - unethical behaviour by my own personal standards, rudeness to an official.  This was coming from adults, not children.  What are they teaching their own children?  No wonder we are where we are......

But I am ready for fall weather and fall clothing and would love to add to my "country wardrobe" as we will definitely be spending the fall in the country.  Love this Dubarry sweater:



Love this top too, perfect for right now, from Alessandro Albanese.



Love this Equiline jacket which is fortunately on sale.  It comes in limited sizes but love this for right now.  

Or this longer jacket also from Alessandro Albanese. 

And lastly, loving this sweater, to wear now, also by Alessandro Albanese.  Love the clothes in this line.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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