Thursday, September 17, 2020

Readying the Farm for Winter

It's almost October and colder temperatures are already here (into the 40's earlier this week at night).  So we're readying the farm and the horses for the incoming colder weather.

Blankets get washed. I take my blankets to a local laundromat and spend an evening washing - one day next week I hope.  With Covid I am cautious and will remain in my car between wash runs just to be safe.  I bought this blanket wash from SmartPak.  Unfortunately I have too many to send out.  

I made a mental note last spring of possible blanket needs for this fall and little Apollo will graduate this year to his own turnout sheet.  He has a blanket but he's ready for a sheet.  Madda's green Rambo is small so Apollo will inherit it this year and Madda gets a new one!  Ordered this plaid one for her this week.  I make sure my blankets are different as I have too many horses to fiddle with looking at which blanket goes on which one.  Rambo and Rhino are my brands of choice and I also like SmarkPak's own brand.

If you have your own farm then you understand the issue with finding decent hay.  Last winter we ran out of hay in my area due to a late summer/early fall drought.  All of the fields were bare by late November or early December so we had to feed hay much earlier (in the fields) and more in the barn.  I made it through but this year I am getting more hay than I need earlier than usual.  

I supplement my hay with Triple Crown bagged forage in the dead of winter - usually Safe Starch or Alfalox.  The horses love it!

Fall shots will be done next week!


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