Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Finds and Musings

 Happy Friday! 

The Masters is back.  April was not the same without The Masters, so what a treat to have it now, even in November. No beautiful Azaleas but the grass is as green as ever and there are three more days of the best golf tournament in the world.   Stitch this ornament to remind yourself of this great event, even if you don't play golf (and I don't).

Or this one:

We've all been waiting for more than a year for Season Four of the The Crown.Wait no longer, it arrives Sunday on Netflix.

Remember the old flannel Lanz nightgowns?  These never wear out.  You can buy them here.

Love this monogrammed pad cube, a great gift for someone or just buy one for yourself.  

Loving this lightweight coat from Uniglow. Perfect for right now.

Love this horse trailer ornament for the tree:

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