Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Holiday Outfit Ideas for a Pandemic Kind of Holiday - Early Version

It's definitely not going to be a year that you go out and purchase a fantastic holiday outfit but we should all consider taking off the sweats, the jeans, the barn clothes and wear something holidayish at least for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We all need a break from the drab and hubby will appreciate seeing me in something other than Ariat for a change.

If you can't help yourself emerge from the pull-on pants mode of 2020, try these pull-on Velvet Pants from AT Loft.  Love that they come in three styles.The tapered ones are my favorite and they come in three colors. Loving the brown and black ones. (It's been a brown kind of year and wouldn't brown be perfect for Thanksgiving?)  I have a pair of J Crew wide legged ones that I wore last year.

If velvet is too fancy for your holiday this year, start with this very simple black plaid pants that you can dress up or down.

Pair this wool cardigan with black plaid, velvet, black wool or velvet for the holiday. Then wear with jeans.

Love these updated plaid pants from J Crew. Love the button and the length.

Love this tartan tunic that you might pair with velvet or even jeans.  Reminds me of a Devon Bauer tunic.

Also love this one with jeweled buttons.  It's cotton so it's not ideal for colder climates but even here in Virginia it could be 70 degrees this December thanks to climate change.

Love this look. Wear the top with jeans for a casual but holiday outfit and cool flats or add the skirt and you have a nice dress.

And while this sweater does not scream holiday, I love it and would wear with with tan plans and flats and later with jeans. A classic for sure.....

More to come. Stay home. And remember the UPS man is your very best friend right now!    Stay safe!

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