Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Make Mine Pagoda

 I've always loved a muted chinoiserie look and the pagoda falls into that category.  But surprisingly, I don't have much "pagoda" in my current home.  

Love this pink pagoda ornament:

A pair of green pagodas for my large dining room table are on my wish list. The Enchanted Home is a good source and they come in several sizes and colors:

This ornament will look great on your tree or will make a nice holiday gift:

Love these pagoda enclosure cards and they will make a great gift.

Love this pagoda pillow which can be ordered in many sizes.

Love this pagoda night light!

How about this pagoda solar light for the patio?  What a great idea. 

Love this vintage liqueur service, with a pagoda theme, and it comes in its original box!

Love this platter from Noritake with a pagoda theme:

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